We are a team of Toronto based iOS Mobile Application developers. Our iOS Mobile Application Development Team is seasoned in creating beautiful, user friendly iOS mobile applications. If we think of category-defining mobile devices, iPhone is likely to come first in our minds. It has changed the whole mobile scenario by redefining the mobile technology and application infrastructure. It provides an ideal platform for mobile app ventures simply because it has an enormously high market penetration and application-savvy consumer base.

iPhone has established an ideal platform to develop all sorts of mobile applications. Apart from that, it’s greatly supportive in making the apps more flexible and user friendly. Our highly experienced team of iPhone app programmers is well-versed with the Apple’s iOS platform and the various components involved in iPhone app development framework.

Location Services
Using Location Services we can allow your iOS mobile application to determines the users current location using information from a GPS.

Push Notifications
Push Notifications allow you to connect with users who have your mobile application. You can send instant messages to the mobile app user if your app is running or not.

Retina Graphics
We offer customized graphics for iOS Mobile Applications. Our experienced iOS app developers optimize visuals to make them sharp and appear perfectly on the iPhone screens.

iOS Mobile Application Development
In App. Purchases
An in-app purchase feature allows your iOS mobile application users to purchase virtual goods, subscriptions and more directly from your iOS mobile application.

External API Integration
External API integration into your iOS mobile application enables the iOS mobile application to use features that can only be made available using third party applications.

Customer Loayalty
Smartphone users are known to have there phones by them 24/7. Why not have your customers carry around your brand in there pocket? Imagine having a 300 page book in your customers pockets at all times. The possibilities are endless.